6 Ideas for Styling Your Bedroom with Geometrics

Bedroom Design Ideas

Your bedroom is your safe recluse, the relaxing space where you retire at the end of the day. That is why you must design it in a way so that you get a room where will love to spend time. Your bedroom should be a reflection of your taste and your sense of aesthetics.

So if you are a fan of symmetrical designs then here are some great design ideas for your bedroom interiors. The trellis, horizontal and vertical stripes as well as chevrons are making a huge statement in interior designing these days. If you are ready to try these out, here are some fabulous bedroom design ideas. Just read on to know.

Start from the Floor and End in the Ceiling –You can incorporate prominent trellis pattern on the floor that catches the eyes immediately. But see to it that a balanced look is derived through the entire ambience. To achieve that, you can echo the same patterns in the lighter hue on the bedding as well as the ceiling trays. You can go for a palette of like colours for offering a natural flow to the room.

Get Lined Up – You can enhance the look of your bedroom with bold horizontal lines. You can set the tone with the wall covering and carry it to the carpet that coordinates with the theme. You can refabricate the appeal of any room by coupling similar patterns and prints with your floor and walls.

Incorporate the Inlays –In case, you are more into solid fabrics then it is also possible to carry a shapely motif throughout the space that too, without committing to printed patterns. Choose furniture with an inlay consisting of fretwork on the headboard. For a more contemporary look, you can go ahead with accent pieces like that of a mirrored chest that displays circles that overlap.

Spread the Style – You can create a spiritedly modern room by opting for geometric prints from the accent pillows to draperies, from the rug to the headboards. For getting the look in your home, you can opt for neutral walls and keep a similar place for the prints for creating a coordinated look that is well-balanced.

Mix and Match – You can decorate the entire bedroom with dark and lighter colour of the same tinge and carry it down to the bed with similar accent pillows. You can echo the symmetry with coordinating pieces like that of a pair of artwork or lamps and keep them on the bedside tables. This will accentuate the look of the space.

Design the Wall – You cannot only bring the symmetrical patterns and shapes on the walls too apart from the furnishings and fabrics. You can choose a neutral colour and fill the wall with motifs and shapes. This will help you get a balanced look.

The above are some of the bedroom design ideas for styling your space with motifs and geometrics. You can pair this up with the right bedroom furniture ideas for deriving the bedroom that you have always wanted.


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