Fitted Kitchen Ideas: 4 Mistakes to Avoid for Revamping Your Kitchen

fitted kitchen ideas

How many times have you seen people assemble in the kitchen leaving the other rooms of the house? No matter how snug and relaxing you make the rest of the house, people always get drawn to the scrumptious aroma and the bright lights that adorn the hardest working corner of your abode – the kitchen.

A kitchen makeover can add to the warmth and enjoyment of your kitchen while adding value to your home. To achieve that you can implement the incredible fitted kitchen ideas that the professionals will be able to suggest once they have a look at your kitchen.

While renovating your kitchen is a great idea, there are some lurking pitfalls and strategy gotchas that you should be avoiding to achieve the kitchen of your dreams. Just read on to identify those mistakes and to avoid it at the time of designing your kitchen.

Ignoring the Small Stuff – You should never neglect the small storage features and add-ons like the dividers of drawers and storage solutions like that of lazy Susans and pantry pull-outs. These will simplify your storage issues and will enhance your kitchen storage efficiency and are the costliest to add on in case you decide to require them down the line.

Obstructing the Kitchen Triangle – The sink, the stove and the refrigerator form the kitchen triangle according to the specialists. Irrespective of the layout of the kitchen or its size (galley, L-shaped, island or U-shaped) the sum of all the legs of the kitchen should not be greater than 25 feet or less than 10 feet. You should avoid the mistake of doing this too large or too small. This is because if it is too large, food preparation would turn out to be a tiring task. On the other hand, if it is too small then there is maximum chance of tripping over.

Giving Up Counter Space – Counter-space is one of the most vital elements of your kitchen and that is why you should never settle for anything less. You should augment your counter work space. by shelving supports or decorative corbels.

Absence of Proper Lightning – The kitchen is one space where you cannot have insufficient lightning. It is, after all, the safety of handling the dangerous kitchen tools that depends on the adequacy of light apart from the design and atmosphere of the kitchen. Added to that, the more lights you have the better you will be able to flaunt your design elements. There are mainly three types of lightning available – overall lightning, task lightning and assent lightning. Make proper of use these for the desirable illumination of your kitchen.

The above are some of the most common mistakes that people commit at the time of designing the kitchen. By avoiding these, you will be able to get the kitchen that you have always craved for.






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