5 Cheap Bedroom Design Ideas for Revamping Your Kids Room

cheap bedroom design ideas

 Are thinking of surprising your kids with a cool bedroom that they can call theirs? Are you running out of budget and do not think that you will be able to fulfil your wish? Don’t worry! Here are some of the fabulous ideas for designing your kids’ bedroom without making a dent in your pocket. Try these out today!

Tip 1 for Designing Your Kid’s Bedroom – Utilise the things that your kids already possess. This is one of the greatest cheap bedroom design ideas that are followed by most who want to save on their pocket. Your kids may be already possessing a lot of accessories in regards to the theme. For example, you can go for a sports theme. In that case you should display the team jerseys, set pictures of your son’s ball team, put the ballgame highlights on them and hang a shelf. The basketball at the corner of the bedroom is now a part of the décor. Utilise the stuff that they already have instead of purchasing new ones.

Tip 2 for Designing Your Kid’s Bedroom – You should focus on one theme for designing the room. Without a theme most people get confused and keep buying stuff thinking that they will accentuate the aesthetics of the rooms even if they do not fit. Focussing on one theme will restrict you from spending without thinking.

Tip 3 for Designing Your Kid’s Bedroom –You should always go for painting the room. Although this one involves some amount of work but overall, it is quite cheap. Moreover, a paint can change the entire look of the room drastically. So do not ignore this one. You can go for something offbeat and creative like that of sponge paint and faux finish.

Tip 4 for Designing Your Kid’s Bedroom – Check out the stationary shops and look for the stuff included in their clearance sale. This way you will really get some fabulous things at pocket-friendly rates.

Tip 5 for Designing Your Kid’s Bedroom – Your next step will include tracking down a really cool bedding set. You will get lots of choices here and that too, at affordable prices. The right bedding set is capable of changing the tone of the entire bedroom.

The above are just some of the ideas to give your kid’s bedroom an all new look without shelling out a lot of your hard earned money. If however, you still want a drastic revamp of your kid’s room you can consult the professionals who can guide you with the same. They also can offer you fabulous ideas to remodel the bedroom at an affordable cost.


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